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I decided in 2006 to build a home theatre in my basement. I started by finishing off half my basement. I foam insulated 2 walls and fiberglass insulated 1 wall and then framed in the walls with 2x4's. I completely rebuilt my staircase. I removed a large, 2 person jacuzzi tub to make room for a new kitchenette and 1/2 bath. I hung a 2 x 2 celotex suspended ceiling about 8 - 10 inches below the main floor joists. After the drywall was all finished and the basement was painted, I had my neighbors, Rex and Ann, come over and install a nice commercial wood look rubber tile floor. I also had Rex install ceramic tile below, behind and above my wood burner. When about everything was finished up, I had Rex come back over and install nice commercial style carpeting on the stairs. I then bought some 3/4 inch oak plywood and built a large entertainment center that's built into the wall. I installed a Harman-Kardon home theatre receiver/dvd/7.1 sound system with 12 inch 250watt sub woofer. I installed an Infocus SP4805 overhead projector. I installed a pull down Da-Lite screen and then built a 91" wide screen on the wall. After that was all done, I installed 2 of the 7.1 speaker system in the other side of the room. I bought a 51" hd widescreen Hitachi tv and re-installed my drums. My theatre room and drum room is all finished and we have a great time with all of it. At some point I'm going to take the couch out of the theatre room and install theatre seating, hopefully 6 seats in all, 3 raised. Here are some pictures of my home theatre.

Also, check out my OUTDOORS PROJECTS link to see projects I'm doing outside at the house.


    Pictures taken in September 2010

    Pictures of basement bathroom finally finished late in 2010